4 Ways to Make Strengthen Wifi Signal

In smartphone device, Wifi is the most important. Yeah, smartphone without Wifi that’s same as vegetable without salt. How the taste vegetable without salts? That’s weird, right? That same as smartphone without internet connection. Has two ways to get internet connection. First was using Wifi and then using mobile networks. Using Wifi is the favorit (free too). But, how if wifi signal is poor? So, have many ways to make strengthen Wifi signal.


1. Using Software Strengthen Wifi signal
The first was using strengthen wifi signal. Where I found that software? Relax, has thousand software in playsotre and appstore. So, you choose the great one. I usually using software Network Signal Speed Boster and Wifi easy connect. The component that software was so cool.

But with my experience, using strengthen wifi signal don’t make an influence significant. Hmm I think just make effect 30%. Ok that’s less make that’s help.

2. Change Setting Wifi on Smartphone
Yes, maybe the setting Wifi not make smartphone produce 100% its power. So, change the setting smartphone, and make the smartphone produce 100% its power. How I change that? Just go to setting Wifi? Choose Advance > and then delete checklist Avoid Poor Connection.

But for Android Lollipop and higher, the setting has run automatically.

But in my experience, this setting not make an influence significant. I still get the poosr signal wifi.

3. Go to The Closet Router Wifi
This is the best conclusion. You get the poor wifi signal because you far away from router. Hehe you know? The signal router give different effect from one smartphone and the others. Where the closet from router, that’s the great wifi signal.

So, go to closet router wifi and get the great signal.

4. Using External Component
Maybe you can use external component to make strengthen wifi signal. The best external component was Extender Wifi or repeater. That’s help, but not significant, that’s my experienced.

For the best conclusion was get to the closet router wifi.


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