NASA Found 7 Planets Similar Earth, Possibly Human Live

That’s distance around 40 light-years away from earth, all seven planets has same size with Earth, founded. The seven planets surround a star with little small as name TRAPIST-1. This is the biggest system solar sistem has founded.


Now, astronomers have work hard to get the real picture about this new world with human live potential. This is learned by high telescope.

This is some fact about that.

1. This is Not New Invention


This is not new invention because a year ago, astronomers found similar planet from Earth but just three planets. They are named TRAPPIST-1. With a little Star TRAPPIST-1 has 3 planets surround.

But this year with a new and high technology, astronomers has found 4 planets. So, the total number was seven planets.

2. The Size Same as Earth


That’s size planet little same as Earth. From this fact, astronomers think that planet like Earth.

Three planet from solar system considered habitable zone. This is because the temperature suitable with organism live. Maybe there are ocean in that’s planets.

Some of the planet has suitable distance from the Star has TRAPPIST-1. Not again, that Star has same as our Sun. this is made astronomers happy to learned that planets. Maybe, that’s planets live smart organism as we think as alien.

3. This Solar System Little Tight


Yes, this solar system little tight because the nearest planet with TRAPIST-1 can surround just 1,5 days for one orbits. And the second nearest planet with TRAPIST-1 just 20 days. As comparison, Earth need 362,26 days for one orbits surround the Sun. Relax TRAPIST-1 little smaller than Sun.

4. This Planet Has Same Way Orbit
Yes, the seven planets same way to orbits the Star, TRAPIST-1. That’s same as our solar system.

5. Very Potential for Habitable Zone


With the fact temperature was good for habitable zone, that’s make potential from habitable zone. Astronomers still learned and thinking that’s has water (H­2O) in that’s planet. Maybe one of the seven planets have water.

Yeah, astronomer found the solar system same as our solar system. They think that habitable zone. But, don’t to dreamed. Because, maybe one day the astronomers found that’s planet not habitable zone. They are still learned to get the answer. But I hope that’s solar system habitable zone before this earth not habitable zone.


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