Looking Word View to Stratosphere with Balon High-Altitude

Looking for entire is like a dream for all of people. You want see the world, right? The real world from above. Looking a world like the map like we see in map books. But, that’s just a dream nothing we can do to do that. But now, the US company arrives to get that. They are using high-altitude balon, so you can look the world in stratosphere. This is not just a normal balon, or the helium balon. This balon was set up by great technician, so the balon can keep in stratosphere.


With this balon, you can go to stratosphere up to 6 hours. Ok, that’s very long right. 6 hours to looking word view, that amazing. This balon not like normal balon, in desain. Very different. Th inside balon has a giant window, bathroom, small bar, and Wi-Fi too, so you can capture photo and the upload to your social media. Hmm … that’s make your friend jealous to you.

But, if you want get this. The cost very high, this is the negative. One ticket can up to $75,000. Oh … how I can get that money? Maybe if I the rich people, that’s the cheap money. Ok, this tour just for the rich people.

The Company Not Just Developing Balon For People, But Developing Balon for Scientist too.

If balon for people, sorry the rich people. The US company developing balon for scientist has name Stratollite.

Stratollite is the automatic balon, nothing people in there. And the Stratollite has the great technology, like sensors, camera, and the other high technology. What for this balon? This balon using for control wind. So, the Stratollite can control wind, make wind move the other place, its can control the weather. But, Stratollite can control wind just 15%. Maybe next develop, Stratollite can full control wind. But this is the great founded

Maybe a long ago, people just dreaming to look entire word from above, like in stratosphere. Just for some people can do that. But now, people can do that. Hmm … I know, the cost is very expensive. But one day, the cost can be cheap. The technology always developed to cheap cost.

Stratollite just can control little wind. But that’s the great founded. Maybe one day we can control full wind, yeah, I know, that’s the mad imagination.


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