8 This Thing Has Replaceable to Smartphone

This era, smartphone like primer needs, every people need smartphone. However, that smartphone is very cheap, that’s prove smartphone is very useful. Now, smartphone not just calling and send text message. But more that. And now, 8 this thing has replaceable to smartphone.

What that thing? This is the thing hahaha 😀


1. Wallet

Maybe, some year ago, wallet very needed. Every people bring wallet. But now, wallet I think not important. Because I can did billing with smartphone. My smartphone can be my ATM, that name internet banking.

My money now in smartphone. Yeah, my wallet has some money too but not much. And I recognize, billing with smartphone has more fun than wallet.

2. Scanner

In pass year ago, the scanner electronic is very needed. We think scanner electronic is very informative device. Every paper, you can scan.

But now, just with smartphone we can do scanner. Anytime, just smartphone we can scan. That’s very simple, right?

3. Recorder

Maybe if the job journalist, recorder device is very needed. They need record what happen today and post in media. But some journalist doing record with smartphone. Why? Of course smartphone can recorder too.

That’s make us very simple. In smartphone, we can record and then, we can edit in smartphone. That’s save many time.

4. Calorie Counter

Oh this is good for diet. With calorie counter, we can do math what calorie loss this day. So, we get program calorie loss tomorrow.

A pass year ago, has some device to do calorie counter. But now, just smartphone we can. Just instal in app store or play store.

5. Karaoke

Yeah, singing with music is very fun. Moreover, with people. That’s happy look people like our voice. And the karaoke device is very behavior in market. But now, we can do that in smartphone. One of my application karaoke was Smule. I can get that in google play. That’s make me sing a song with music.

6. Television

Now, smartphone can do broadcast channel television with streaming. That’s help. If we go out, has some channel television very good, example football. We not confused because we can watch football in smartphone. Of course that’s help and very simple.

But, has some negative watching broadcast channel television in smartphone. The display is small, just 4-7 inch. That’s not make eyes satisfied.

7. Small Camera

Yeah, with the camera smartphone for better every year, now camera smartphone is like small camera. The quality of photo is not loose with small camera. And of course is more simple if using smartphone.

But, camera smartphone not match with DLSR camera.

8. Map

Application google maps is very useful. We don’t need bring a map if we go somewhere. Just smartphone and we get map and we can know where we are, that’s because the GPS technology. That’s help, right?

Every nest year, make technology smartphone more useful and sophisticated. Maybe someday, every activity we can do in smartphone. And maybe smartphone has flourish very simple. Maybe folding smartphone will appear. You know, Samsung work hard to get that.


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