Think About it! This is 5 Risk When Root Your Android

Android is the open source system. But, has some system not open source. Usually the frame network Android is closed. And some of settings, we can’t change what we want. That’s because for safety, absolutely. So, if you want change everything in Android. You must do root. But think about it! Has some risk when you root your Android.

Root really fun, everything we can change and setting. And … crack application or game, we can instal. So, if the application or game is pay, with crack we can get free. Of course we must root Android.

So, this is 5 risk when you root your android.


1. Make Loosing Guarantee

This si absolutely risk. When you root your Android, so the guarantee was lost. When someday your Android get broke, you can’t claim the guarantee. Because has lost.

This is like nightmare, right? Imagine this! You want instal the great game but the game is pay. So you instal the crack game, so automatic you root your Android. One week later, you get bad luck. Your Android get broke, and you have the guarantee. But, you can’t claim because the guarantee was lost. That’s horrible, right?

2. Easy Get Virus

Virus is the enemy the technology. Every human not want their smartphone get virus. That’s because Android closed some feature, that’s because don’t get virus. And you open it? That’s make virus easy to your Android.

Your Android safety you broke, and the virus automatic can in. don’t think antivirus application can remove the virus. Because you have root your Android. So, antivirus application has weakness.

3. Android Become Slow Respon

Yes, because the frame network you broke, that’s make Android become slow respon. Not now you can realize it. But until three mounts later, you can realize it.

4. If The Root Was Failed

If the root was failed, automatic your smartphone broke. That’s one hundred persen happening. If your Android broke, you can’t claim guarantee. So, you have lost some money just fix one Android.

5. Some Application Didn’t Work

Yeah, some application didn’t work, but some application work too. That’s the risk. Root indeed make some application didn’t work, but some application work like crack application or game.

Yeah, root Android was very fun. But think again, do it with your own risk.


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