How to Look the Free Wi-fi Secured or Not?

The free Wi-fi si so fun. We are can connect to wi-fi without password. And of course, average the free wi-fi with high speed. But, that’s secure or not? That’s the big question.

Free wi-fi is the best for hacker doing their job. Stole your important data and using hacker using your important data. Example, you have the number account bank with password. “Oh … that’s delicious,” that’s think by hacker. They stole and make a payment in store with your account bank. Imagine this, your money was gone like gosh. You don’t know why the money was gone, and you never remember you spent your money. Yes, the other people used your money.

How to Look the Free Wi-fi Secured or Not

So, be careful connect free wi-fi. Look, that’s free wi-fi secure or not. Absolutely, Security Advocate Business Unit Symantec, Nick Savviders said that’s too difficult to look the free wi-fi secured or not.

But, his said, has the easy diagnose how to look that. You even look, the symbol wi-fi said that secured or not secured? That’s the first diagnosis for free wi-fi.

So, for now, don’t avoid the word. When you want connect the free wi-fi, first look, that’s secured or not. If not secured, you must not connect.

Oh … this is the negative when you connect the free wi-fi.

  1. Make your device get attack by hacker.
  2. Maybe, your important data has stolen by hacker.
  3. Make your device susceptible get virus and Trojan.
  4. Maybe your device get attack by virus and Trojan.
  5. And the other negative to make your device and important data get dangerous.

For the best solution was never connect the free wi-fi. Because the word is “free” absolutely, not free. There was a pay for it. Maybe you don’t pay for wi-fi, but you give the important data maybe for payment wi-fi.

Maybe, if you are recessive want connect free wi-fi, maybe you can connect. But first looking that’s has word secured or not secured.


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