Now, We Can Explore International Space Station With VR

We Can Explore International Space Station With VR

Now, VR has collaborated with three agency space, make a great technology. That’s VR in international space station. You can imagine this, now you in international space station. You can explore. You can in the dock space, or you spacewalks, or you can feeling how in zero gravity, that’s amazing right. Now you can do that with VR, Oculus Rift.

This was designed by Visual Effect Studio Magnopus parthership with Nasa, space agency Europa, Space Agency Canadian. And the result, the great experience in VR. That’s great. And the great one, you can do mission like the astronot. Maybe you can explore earth in space, or explore another artificial satellite.

And this mission was different. Every high school has access to this mission. So, if you want get this VR, first you must register from your school. This is not for commercial, like you can buy and using it. This is for education. You know, NASA and two Space Agency not like people just play. They want people learnt anything, especially space. This for help student learn about space with real live. Hmm that’s great.

But … I curios. How cost this VR. Maybe the cost was expensive, but this is for education. Everything for education not too expensive. Maybe, school but this device, that’s I thinking, haha.

Oculus hope every people, sorry ever student can experience in international space station. “Yes, that’s make student get the experience.” Oh … I forget one thing. The mission who give to student is different. That’s using system point and level, like game RPG. Hmm … with this, every student can become astronot. Maybe, Oculus and three Space Agency, want a great student became the great astronot.

Yeah, this is the deficiency. This device not for all country and all school. Maybe just for some country and school. Maybe one day, this VR, this technology can commercial. So, every people can become astronot, hahaha 😀


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