This is 4 Functional of Air Plane Mode in Smartphone

This is 4 Functional of Air Plane Mode in Smartphone

Every smartphone, has functional the name is air plane mode. That’s make all of signal in smartphone was gone. That’s bad? No … that’s make some positive in smartphone and us too. In the plane, I ever heard, we can use smartphone but with active the air plane mode. So, I don’t know that’s true or not. And, there are some functional of air plane mode in smartphone.

Oh … before go to functional, a long time, I think air plane mode us useless. But, now, I often use this functional to make my smartphone better.

So, this is 4 functional of air plane mode in smartphone.

1. Can Make Signal Stronger
If your signal was poor. Please do this. Disable all signal function in smartphone with air plane mode. Wait until all signals was gone. After that, disable air plane mode. And … your signal become strong.

Yes, I know. That’s just thirty seconds. After that, your signal became poor again.

2. Make Charger Became Faster
For just you know, signal smartphone was the one of the other problems to make smartphone working hard. So, the negative side make battery fast gone. That’s same as we charge the smartphone. Because smartphone working hard, that’s make charger little slow.

So, that’s the positive air plane mode. Air plane mode make all signal disable. So, charger became faster.

3. Can Safe Battery Consumption
Signal is one of the others problem make battery smartphone fast gone. So, if air plane mode is active, can safe battery consumption, with significant.

If the normally, smartphone can be life just 14 hours, with air plane mode can 28 hours.

4. Can Make Smartphone Better
If smartphone became slow, try active air plane mode. And wait 30 seconds. After that, your smartphone became better again. That’s the simple trick to get high perform of smartphone.


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