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Now, We Can Explore International Space Station With VR

Now, VR has collaborated with three agency space, make a great technology. That’s VR in international space station. You can imagine this, now you in international space station. You can explore. You can in the dock space, or you spacewalks, or you can feeling how in zero gravity, that’s amazing right. Now you can do […]

Looking Word View to Stratosphere with Balon High-Altitude

Looking for entire is like a dream for all of people. You want see the world, right? The real world from above. Looking a world like the map like we see in map books. But, that’s just a dream nothing we can do to do that. But now, the US company arrives to get that. […]

NASA Found 7 Planets Similar Earth, Possibly Human Live

That’s distance around 40 light-years away from earth, all seven planets has same size with Earth, founded. The seven planets surround a star with little small as name TRAPIST-1. This is the biggest system solar sistem has founded. Now, astronomers have work hard to get the real picture about this new world with human live […]