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This is 4 Functional of Air Plane Mode in Smartphone

Every smartphone, has functional the name is air plane mode. That’s make all of signal in smartphone was gone. That’s bad? No … that’s make some positive in smartphone and us too. In the plane, I ever heard, we can use smartphone but with active the air plane mode. So, I don’t know that’s true […]

How to Look the Free Wi-fi Secured or Not?

The free Wi-fi si so fun. We are can connect to wi-fi without password. And of course, average the free wi-fi with high speed. But, that’s secure or not? That’s the big question. Free wi-fi is the best for hacker doing their job. Stole your important data and using hacker using your important data. Example, […]

Think About it! This is 5 Risk When Root Your Android

Android is the open source system. But, has some system not open source. Usually the frame network Android is closed. And some of settings, we can’t change what we want. That’s because for safety, absolutely. So, if you want change everything in Android. You must do root. But think about it! Has some risk when […]

4 Ways to Make Strengthen Wifi Signal

Using Wifi is the favorit (free too). But, how if wifi signal is poor? So, have many ways to make strengthen Wifi signal.